Oh… Fell asleep after dinner, woke uo around 2200 local and went to bed, just got up about 0100 local. Dang I needed that !!! I slept like a stone. I think an atom bomb could’ve gone off and I don’t think I would’ve noticed :

Ended up dreaming about being knee deep in World War II with a Thompson and a captured Lee Enfield, bit odd but.. Whatever. To being stuck in a bad bat man movie, to being stuck on a space station, to being in the middle of a F.E.A.R. part III about to happen, when I decided enough of this crud time to wake up >_>

That’s one thing that’s kind of strange, I usually know that I’m dreaming when I dream, maybe because my dreams are almost always crazy. And when they are not, usually startle me in different ways…

I’ve basically been working since Saturday night straight, breaking to go to work, the bathroom, sleep, and eat lol. Haven’t had much time for the usual forums lately … so may as well take a moment to catch up now.

The advantage of all of this? It might be a bit of working oneself into the ground… But it’s getting things done in a week rather then by next year lol. And if I get done early… I get to relax on the weekend hehe.