Oy these trouble makers are starting to get insulting!!

I figured at first, fine let the babies have there candy… Now they are just asking for a spanking.

So far it seems they can try stealing copyrighted content, insulting us, disrespecting us, and personally disappointing the WO1, insulting the major, but one thing they can’t do?

Is actually prove they have more maturity then that stupid character always following SpongeBob SquarePants around, man I’m glad I’m not working at that one clients anymore… The bosses grandkids were nuts about that show (and I’m not) :

After what Wiz did to ol’Snipe, that should at least keep the whipper snappers busy for a little while, but I still wish they would GROW UP.

It makes me sick to think about how some of these peoples actually used to be a decent example of conduct lol.