Double nightmares

Hit the hay early, to tired to get back to finishing my program. Caught most of Matrix Reloaded but dozed on/off through the end of it, and finally woke up after whats essentially a double nightmare :

First off…Family driving me bonkers about things but as it works out.. Some time of peace and a party due later.

Ended up on a date with a very beautiful woman ^_^

The nightmare? I was too freaking busy going to and fro, that I was stuck wasting what was otherwise a perfect situation lol. That really was a nightmare… just horrible +S Like one of those times you would need brain damage for it to not go well… But stuck working on everything and so there it goes out the window figuratively speaking. That was a torturing dream to have to go through…

Second off… Well, not really a nightmare so much asa more normal dream +S. Stuck following in a News crew and Canadian SWAT team armed with suppressed FAMAS G2’s going for an assault on a large TV-like building (ala Gremlins 2 style). But guess what? A Predator on the roof pumping them all full of Plasma by the time we hit the lobby, plus terrorists all over the place with machine gun emplacements setup inside to finish the job — just great!!!

After getting knocked cold in a “smashing” fight with one, ended up stranded with the camera crew running off scared of the predator, and only a treasure seeking trooper turned tomb raider wanta be for company. In search of an ancient Egyptian tomb hidden under the building. Maanged to get past the terrorists fine but stuff in the building has come to life and started to run amuck.

Not to mention once we got to the area, after a few mishaps… It’s guarded by like a dozen leopards who are very pissed off at us trespassing… The plan of getting through them with ignitables and fire didn’t go so well and we nearly got scratched to death and chewed on before finding a way up, up, and away from them lol. Finally reach the goal.. but decide it’s not morally right and leave the tomb raider to plunder it while I search for an exit without more hungry or plastic creatures in the way.

*shakes head*

I have the craziest dreams don’t I? The second one I don’t mind so much but the first…

Maybe my friends are right, I work to damn much lol.

The ironic thing of it all? It’s 0500 in the morning and if I don’t get back to sleep, to get up for work on time, my goose will be cooked !