This is very funky. I downloaded a tutorial file from sun for Java’s Swing toolkit and it compiles fine but can’t find the main thread when compiled & run as directed.

I comment out the ‘package start;’ at the top, recompile and it runs fine >_>

To be honest, I think I’m sort of happy I’ve never written a lot of Java code… Especially because most encounters whereByPeopleWhoHaveTypeNames andVarNamesThisLong which kind of pisses me off lol.

I do have Qt Jambi installed on my desktop but the problem is family really makes it easier to write code off my laptop, since I get get further away from the line of fire… Which means without a fair bit of tinkering, it’ll be easier to write the GUI in Javas Swing.

I did learn a little of AWT way back when but I doubt any of it is still good by now lol.