thoughts of home…

Trapped in hell

Another day, home from the long toils of the field

Only to be beaten down, pounded into dust

Yet another season gone, never to return

Spent all for the sake of my torment

At the pleasure of those who should care

That a tiny bit of me passes away into nothingness

Day by day, never to return.

Another day, wasted and trashed before me

Spent all on the monsters whims.

Never again to grace the sky,

That free spirit, flying so high.

Soaring on the airs of its discoveries

To face that same fate….

To be dragged, drowned, stomped into the ground

All for the tormentors pleasure — and my souls destruction.

It’s just another day in hell,

Trapped in that pit so deep, without an escape.

Watching my existence being ripped away,

Thrown into the flames, forever more

To burn in agony.

Oh why, oh why didn’t I flee this place while I had the chance.