Been working on rewriting the mighty page… (ugh)

Personally, I think the entire website would be a hell of a lot faster if we reorganized the entire private database into some thing more consistent, stripped out some of the (abused) use of <table> tags, and moved more presentation issues into per-unit style sheets… But thanks to our original designer(s), whoever he/she/they may be coupled with my family, that would take months instead of hours to do without breaking everything.

Although I’ve always felt database normalization eventually just “goes to far” when done well, I’m beginning to think it is a pretty dang good idea just for the sake of flexibility.

The big problem is when you have code in use, that’s so old no body remembers who the heck wrote it, and whoever wrote it assumed they were the GOD of a database that would never change it’s structure in the slightest, less the entire thing need fixing in every sub system.

And I’m the one without the college education here? WTF.

Working on the mighty page is a bit prickly since, we’ve got disorganized data to suck in, organize into some thing we can actually use, iteratively display the data, and sadly I’m not interested in leaving code behind that’ll break if the next guy so much as sneezes at it loool.

Well, at lest all of the _big_ problems were fixed two weeks ago…