quick app

Well, it’s more of a chewing gum solution then a perfect fix… But I think I’ve got a small app to deal with the TG#3 problem. As soon as it is deployed it’ll kick start her whenever she goes offline.

At least, assuming that it follows a single common assumption but the game server should. At least one of the development teams that worked on SWAT4/SWAT4:TSS seem to have had some background in C++ for better or worse.

I don’t expect any problems though, it’s not like it’s a Ubi product haha. Oh man, Raven Shield is some crazy shit. I don’t know if it’s just an Unreal 2.x thing, the people Ubi get to write this stuff, or the rushed development but that’s one game I’d say has “ghosts in the machine”. It’s like, you could install the same game, into identical systems, do the same exact things to them. And then watch both system develop their own unique quirks and anomalies.

It’s like, no two installs of RvS are the same (especially servers) even through it’s the same bloody program!

The little funkieness yesterday that we had with the Rvs servers, ain’t even supposed to be possible rofl. But like most Windows crap, restart it and it’ll fix most problems until the next thing pops up :

DOS drools, NT sucks, but UNIX rules forever,