DI Planning Phase

Just finished my notes, I figure I can make the encrypted file available to the other NCOs to save me time reiterating it vocally. It’s mostly an outline of what ground I’ll have to be covering as a drill instructor.

My planned format is much like that my greatest teachers used for me, Rand, Wiz, and Relish.

I know my work on Tuesdays now (formally Mondays job) is almost a total washout when it comes to computer time. I kind of would like to get at least 3 or 4 days of the week going for training an hour or 2 per if possible. Time issues will tell the tail I guess. One thing I like about most of my work, I’m usually home some time in the local afternoon which generally works well.

I really prefer Zulu time but I kinda like my time zone. It balances out to an interesting inter-mix of times when syncing with other countries, I usually get to see people in several very different time zones during my online time lol.

The smaller portions of my training phase need to be taken day by day more so. I like what I have so far, a fairly ironed out wave of it but still a lot of breathing room to swing with whatever I end up. One thing I need to do is get this TeX file setup for printing so I don’t crash from all the alt+tabing lol.

I always felt [SAS]_Cpl_Spidey01 had the best ring to it in my time thus far, although I admit SSM/RSM/WO1 has enabled me to do a lot more then I otherwise would’ve been able to… but it’s the Corporals that fill many of my favorite tasks in [SAS].

Good to have my butt back on the virtual training grounds doing training!