Map making time?

Spent 90% of the day working on trying to make The [SAS] Kill House Redux map a reality. I’m a couple months ahead of schedule so far, most of Level 1A is complete and who knows what will become of Level 1B… hehe.

I think the hardest thing probably has been the lighting, it has to be reasonably realistic. But at the same time, it really would help to not need a flash light just to see the weapon in your hands >_>. When you ain’t got one to choose from design wise, ya never realize how useful windows really are !!!

Level 1A is pretty simple, spawn point, ~30m long hallway ending in a T-Junction. And a number of small to large rooms; exploring center doors, corner doors, threat points, multiple entries, etc. In a very basic manor, just perfect for basic training work. Level 2A, is meant to be more of a “simulation” environment then a clean room.

Decorating the spawn point, since most of Level 1A is meant to be unfurnished was kind of fun. The desks are kind of personalized to my tastes hehe. I also put a sign up which I feel fits quite well in several meanings of it, only I know them all ^_^.

Just for the heck of it, I’m considering putting in a secret room… Hey, why not have an office or something hehehe.

I’m looking forward to Level 2A and the challenge involved but joining my teammates in training on it will be sweeter still.