Hmm, all in all quite a fun day.

Us guys went out, knocked over a Gandolfo’s Delicatessen for a couple nathan’s coney island dog (bad sadly without sauce :-(). I’m not exactly a big fan of hot dogs but when it involves Nathan’s famous dogs — I’m up for it >_>.

Three of us wandered around town for a couple hours before Uncle Pat and Aunt Ruth went off to Mass. Me and my brother sat outside, him smoking and I pacing while we talked lol. I wish he wouldn’t smoke but, better sugars then cigarettes I guess :. Afterward he played a bit of BF2 on my PC, he’s a good sniper but heck… Tactically and technique wise, I think if he ever took one of our tryouts in [SAS], he’d probably score below the no retake mark lol.

Once everyone got here, we went out to Red Lobster for diner. In my case, riding with my bro and listing to Nickelback on the way. To be honest, I think I am the _only_ one in this family that doesn’t blast music +S. It’s good music but, I kinda would like to avoid hearing damage >_>

Just like our mother, he blasts it loud as it will go… Me, if someone walks through the hallway I turn it down or mute it when I’ve got music going lol.