So tired…

The [SAS] Killhouse Redux is coming along nicely, haven’t been able to figure out one of the extra’s I wanted… but level 1A is now feature complete, pardoning the stairs. Level 2A is aout 40% done, the second wing, ladies room, and two more hotel rooms need furnishing + a wee bit of work in the hallway (decorations).

So far, the map is coming along pretty nice all things considered. I’ve also got some plans for a few ‘secret’ area’s just to make things interesting. Hehe, if I’m the smoe making the map, why not have a little fun?

The question is how long will it take the membership to find them ^_^

On another note, I’ve been trying to replace Konversation as my IRC client for *nix. Many KDE apps on my laptop seem to suffer greatly on performance when being run under fvwm instead of a full kde session. I tested out tirc, which is nice and handy — even has Vi based key bindings ^_^. The only problem is the bus error when forcing a nick greater then the 9-char standard and doing a call to the nickserv bot.

So far, it looks like it will probably boil down to learning either BitchX or irssi.

The only IRC clients I’ve really liked in the past have been, Konversation (the best!), Chatzilla, and X-Chat. But I’m not really in the mood for needing a web browser to run an IRC client, nor in using X-Chat again. Nice client but eh, kinda boring.

I really need to get some time to focus on KDE4, between family, life, and work. I’m behind schedule on everything these days :

Dang it… I need a vacation !!!!