Wondering if I have any braincells remaining

Tired ….

Been working on a program for [SAS], was rather hoping to get it finished tonight but, time after work != cooperative. It’s only 0457 Zulu but my brains fragged, can’t concentrate on the code anymore.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can get it finished, it shouldn’t be that hard should it?

I only…

Need to finish testing the parser

Write the network interface

Write the display code.

or something like that. With luck, I’ll be off work so I’ll get to sleep in hopefully. I’m used to nodding off around local 0200-0700 and getting up around local 0930-0945 to get dressed (quickly!) for work. So, I like it when I have a chance to sleep a bit more lol.

Today was fairly good at work but it’s still one of two most strainous jobs of my week. And my family sure as fuck doesn’t help, hmm… Maybe if there was anyone in this rats nest that actually understood a lick of this, they might be less inclined to piss me off while I’m workin’ on something.


For much of the day, I’ve felt like shouting “If you don’t let me code today, I will go insane and I will take you with me!” but I know that would just be childish :.

A sledge hammer would work much more effectively ^_^