Hmm, there is a very fine Italian expression but I won’t do it the dis justice of trying to spell it :.

Day originally was planned as a work day, became a day off, became a job interview — the house from hell so to speak, in terms of having to work in it but otherwise a decent gig.

A friends having a hard time, brings up more then a few… uncomfortable memories but I can generally sympatise.

Spent about an hour talking with Rasa over the colour of the bike shed, only about 10-15 minutes was actually productive 😐

After that, considering that between my family, my work, and Rasa, I was over 2.5 hours behind schedule… On a day I planned to hash through task after task after task. I decided to use some of the time otherwise getting wasted for me, to join the server.

Got in a few good rounds on PG#1, ain’t played RvS in a couple since I’ve spent most of my server time either training Jonsi or camping the SWAT4 server ;-). I was surprised to see that my accuracy is still doing good, each round I did between 70-90% hits and saw most of them through to completion.

After that, I ended up joining Duke for a couple games before I had to drop to finish my chores. Honestly, joining friends on the servers is probably the biggest break from projects I get !!!

Was watching The Abyss after dinner. Pretty good movie but reminds me, you couldn’t pay me to serve on a submarine. At least if a ship goes down, you have some chance if ya don’t freeze to death. But on a sub, it is not quite that easy to get out lol.

One strange thing, while I find the idea of being in such situations some what disturbing. I really think of the idea of space travel as quite fun lol.

Maybe because I never really learned how to swim? I dunno lol. After all, in the vacum of space your dead… In water, well you might drown but you also might get through Point A and Point B alive if you don’t run out of air +S