On the war path…

The !%*)Y!)% !(%Y)! %)! %)! %)&! (%() !@%!#@!% !%! !!!

I’m sitting here working on C++/Qt4 code and my music is cutting in/out and vim starts to lag. Ok, I figure it is either some process gone wachko eating system resources (which top suggested was not the case) or the router is going fuckers again.

Sure enough, everything relating to my network shares hangs -> I do a power cycle on the AP with no luck. Full reboot and still arguing…

pinging my ap gives < 2ms to > 200ms responses and an apparent average of 20-40% package loss +/- an extra 5-7% and things are still getting rat fucked here. One test, standing right next to the aerials I was getting upwards of 10-15% packet loss for crying out fucking loud.

I’m so going to kill something when I get to the bottom of this….

This level of connectivity starvation is proving to be lethal to the whole write/compile/test cycle, hell even the web browser is dying a laggy death trying to write in this text area. Which means I’m likely to loose the nights work.

That means, if I find the source of this interference, which appears to be costing me over 4 hours of optimal work time remaining on this code base…. there will be a Spidey on the war path — hardware or neighborer related.