A green organge

I really need a vacation, one far far way… Away from fuck heads like those that surround me.

Is it to much to ask to be respected at least as much as a person with an IQ of 5? Heh, lving here I wouldn’t be surprised if my IQ was less then that ^_^. I’m just so dang tired of suffering fools…

I don’t like to repeat myself, repeatedly; I don’t like tobe treated like a recursive function when not given an algorithm that can be solved by recursion — you ask me a question 10 times with only 2 answers, you’re likely to get the *same* answer 10 times, or given the bird. I’ve actually never seen a spoken question that would fit well with recursion, other then to annoy people.

I’m tired of FucKheads who think I have absolutely nothing to do, that could possibly be more important then what they want done, instantly! I’m tired of being bossed around by those without any competence on the subject… (Flibin’ parental unit). After 20 years on earth, I’d rather think I have something called a brain by now?

I’m just so fucking tired of this fucking place…….

Earlier when questioned about my ‘short temper’ and ‘disrespectful’ attitude of late, I rathe felt like shouting:

“You don’t respect me, why the hell should I respect you fool?”

I don’t suffer fools well!!!!

People that never learn, piss me off royally… How many times do you have to annoy someone before you find out your annoying them ^_^.

What is incontrovertible is that for all of humanity, there are people that you would rather not have to deal with, and those people, throughout history, are the Fuckheads. — David R. Kendrick

There is a very large element missing in my life, if my life could be classified as a life these days… Maybe if it wasn’t for that, this hell would be more bearable?

I’d probably still be RPTFO 90% of the time but at least 10% of the time could be worth while >_>. There’s just nothing I can do about it, short of shooting the mother fuckers and going to jail… That actually might sound preferable to some people but I’m not willing to do anything like that.

I just want so peace in my life without getting drastic, is that to much to ask for?

To be treated like a damn human being, not some kind of sub-human slave creature..

To be free to do as I need, not ordered about by incompetent dip shits.

To actually be able to use *my* free time as *I* see fit, as I’ve often said/thought:

“GOD is the only person allowed to control my life without my permission and your not GOD !!!!”

I don’t want to have a damn headache every day — fucking fuck heads !!!

One thing I like about my times around [SAS], I’m a *person* who *makes* himself *useful*… Around here, I feel more like an *asset* waiting to be *used*… Maybe [SAS] has spoiled me by actually treating me kindly? I dunno anymore.. but they sure beat this place lol.

My ~/Documents/Personal folder fills up every now and then, because generally when I’m miserable or have strong feelings… positive or negative, I usually write what I feel. It’s not like anyone around this place listens or cares, just another fact of life in this rats nest.

I’d rather leave it behind, sit around a campfire, and mutter “just another memory to burn” but I know I’ll probably never be free.

Wouldn’t it be nice, not to walk through hell each day, for no purpose other then the ‘joy’ of others at watching the thrashing about.

I think I’m going to bed, the config, settings, and search modules can wait for another time… And I also need to dig out my last PC-BSD disk, I downloaded the last release ISO just in case but don’t want to burn a disk if I don’t have to. Over this weekend I want to get to work on those articles for Olander.

Another week of working like a dog, without rest in between… But at least this weekend, I’ll be off work 3 days… So the only problems should be the fuckheads that like to monopolize my life without permission and keep me from getting stuff done during my free time. What I *want to do* is work on NPM, [SAS], the articles for Olander, and tie up a few loose ends…

How much time I actually get to spend on any of it over the 26-28 ‘th remains to be seen, knowing my family :

I need a freaking vacation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!