Another day older and deeper in insanity.

Another day as good as gone…

Managed to get through work in one more or less antagonized piece. Had a few grapes on the way home but otherwise skipped lunch altogether. Joined TG#1 for some of Snipers training, managed to spend some time with Ghost, Jonsi, Nick, and Caern. Really, it’s the most gaming I’ve done all month :. One thing I am glad of though, in the rounds where I was the “last man standing”, I generally did good !

I think Caern was a little surprised by the speed of my pistol whippin’ backhand hehe. A tango popped the door behind me in an area I was being cautious about clearing, snapped around and plugged ~5 .40 Caliber rounds into the threat and slammed the door shut in an eye blink >_>. I’m proud to say though that in the end, Nick, Caern, and Me managed to complete the mission without casualties hehe.

I was quite delighted to have a few time to join a few old friends in my “office” on XFire. Hmm, them were some good days (y). But sadly, I didn’t have much time to spend with my friends… As the Chief FH decided it was time to monopolize my time on a project. Why bother though? By my experience and mathematical capabilities, I estimate the supplies stored int he car will be just as shitty and disorganized within 3 years or less the way things are.

Honestly, I’ll never understand it… She creates her own problems and wants the rest of us to deal with it, then applies it recursively… FFS at least be consistent in a purposeful manor. Wait, wtf am I saying? This is my mother we’re talking about lol.

Had triple helpings of dinner… About the only real meal I’ve had all day +S. What can I say? I’m like a camel: living on flumes but still workin’ like a dog. Shit, I need a vacation!!!

But this isn’t the kind of business where you get a vacation, without having to work your ass off along the way; let along a vacation alone.