Day dreams

Hmm, an interesting idea but one that would take much more skills then I have and a few thousand bucks to even play with :

When stuck in traffic in front of a “road closed” sign, I was thinking about how we could possibly find out how far it goes without having to go around the other way and have a look see. The city does have a webpage for listing such things, but uhh it’s a bit of a joke — both in design and upkeep. The first thing that came to me was a satellite but that’s not really feasible.

Then it hit me, what about a UAV? It’s a very nifty thing to be able to send a UAV in advance to scout things out but this isn’t the US Army lol. Then I thought about something else… What about an radio controlled helicopter kit? If one could be modified with suitable sensors and communications link, you basically would have a poor mans UAV for short range aerial recon hehe.

Figure, if you could get an aerial on the kit that can establish an encrypted ad-hoc network connection to a laptop, it would be a way to send a video stream between the two devices. Heck, if one knew enough about electrical engineering, a cellular smart phone could probably do both internet and video, if a VPN could be sorted to connect to the phone or something.

Getting jiggy with a smart phone like that would also save having to figure out a main board that can run a conventional wireless adapter. *Sigh*, it is a really nutty idea any way you think of it but it would be a cool idea, even if it’s just a day dream :

Maybe I’m just a crazy spider lol.


Looks like a company actually makes stuff like this hehe.

RC Helo turned UAV