Same laptop, much nicer box

Well, I’ve quite enjoyed using the x11-wm/fvwm2-devel port on FreeBSD… But it looks like I’ve finally gone back to an old love…

(click to enlarge)

blackbox chix

Running FreeBSD 7-Stable, Blackbox 0.70.1 with a customized theme, fbpanels for a system tray and pager. GKrellM system monitor and the X-MultiMedia System (xmms) blasting music. I don’t care much for task managers or window lists, so switching between windows is done purely via sloppy focus (focus follows mouse) and alt+tab through bbkeys. The toolbar is disabled and I keep the slit empty, I have no need for them.

Since my laptop boots straight into GDM for the login manager, I’ve set a custom session in it that will execute my ~/ by default. That kicks off all the fun stuff ^_^. The blackbox theme is a tweaked version of a “Corvette” theme for one of the blackbox for windows ports. I made a few changes and stripped out unnecessary crap (like the toolbar). Set my XMMS and GKrellM themes to something more matching. The wall paper was my first ‘experiment’ at making one, hence the lack of quality 😛 But I generally have my wall paper rotated to a different randomly through a python script and hsetroot.

I guess decking out my box is as close to relaxing as I’m gonna get :