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If I have to look at one more undocumented magic number tucked away… I think I am going to hunt down the original programmer(s) and force feed the code down their gullets one byte of code at a time….

I generally don’t pick on other peoples work but sometimes, it just royally pisses me the **** off. If I was the jackinape who wrote this shit, I think I’d burn it rather then run it. Is it to much to ask, that people leave code behind that will not antagonize the putz stuck maintaining it a few years later? Like, /actually/ appear like ya now wtf you were writing? lol.

I could have better spent my time working on my own projects….. And saved the headache of tracking stuff down.
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One thing I actually like about my work on Neo Ports Manager, other then that it is one of my projects which makes me the bastardo in charge of what gets committed. When I write something, I always assume someone will have to read it later… In NPMs case all code eventually hits a publically viewable subversion repository, with my name on the commits I might add! So it’s fairly obvious that I ain’t prone to submitting toxic waste.

Unlike a few people I’ve known…