Why bother or just die trying?

Fuck heads driving me fucking nuts….

It’s almost 0130 and I’ve still gotten nothing done !!!! Like, who the hell do I have to kill just to get some work done…. Damn blast and unfuck it all ! This is driving me out of my skull. I can barely write a post….

I had an interesting idea at work today, mobile device in the smart phone / PDA family. Ideally something between slightly bigger then a traditional cell phone and a little smaller then a Game Boy of yore, and with a QWERTY keyboard of course. Something that I could edit text files on and transfer data to and from a PC via USB or through a memory card.

The idea would be to use my “idle” time at work to work on writing code, there’s usually gaps of time where I can’t complete my remaining work until something else is done, so I’m stuck waiting (and usually pacing much to my mothers extreme annoyance and threat to crack my skull open, etc). So why not fiddle with a text editor instead?

As annoying as it would be to ‘thumb’ across a keypad, as painful as it would be to put up with no Vim, as expensive as the device would be…. I would probably be more productive then ever, like today. I had to wait about 20 minutes until I could finish, standing at ease, to avoid argument over pacing back and forth inpatiently — I hate having my time wasted.

So why not work on some code while I wait? At least at work, while I’m usually annoyed at least I’m not as *annoyed* as when I’m at home… Giving my family more chances to abuse my time. Maybe it is a crazy idea but at least, it is worth thinking about :. I do admit my friends are right, a phone for me is more of dead weight then a feature >_> Although people would actually be able to call me for a change, not that I like phone calls to start with lol.

“Why the hell did you call me when your sitting at the computer!” <<-- me. I hate phones with a passion but if it would fill the gap, I'd live with having a (more powerful) cell phone again. All I really care about is a decent text editor and a way to transfer files to/from the device with my FreeBSD laptop. Crap like mobile phone capability or internet access would just be a luxury. It would really be nice to be able to write programs for it without losing an arm or a leg financially just for a few custom apps (read creating a minimalist Vi editor or porting nvi) So far, I haven't be able to find anything suitable... but one can always dream of productivity, no? I haven't been able to find anything inside or outside of my price range that foots the bill yet though :-(. A few models of Zaurus PDA’s actually would be nice… but seem to be rather lacking in availability here lol.

Crud, if I had the right supplies I could build something my self… Probably electrocute myself in the process but hey, it would be interesting >_>. It would also be a way to pass the time. The thing that really pisses me off? I’ve had computers with less computing power then many of the smart phones in the American market, and they would fill my needs better if they weren’t so dang big.

Maybe I should just get some sleep… worry about it in the morning, I ain’t got a snow balls chance in hell of getting anything done tonight anyway. And to top it off, the dog has stolen the entire bed!!!