last couple days

I think over the last few days, I’ve probably have had the most sleep I’ve had in months but still miserable rest if any. I keep having strange dreams that are, should I say a bit distorted? And each usually less pleasurable then the last… I’m always waking up, going back to sleep, or not able to keep sleeping w/o being bothered into getting up :

My most productive day in awhile actually. Got some work done on the website for Wiz, managed to drop into the Proving Grounds on the RvS side. Scope out some of the current regulars and check in on the NCOs. I also managed to duck in for a few rounds with Duke before dinner. It’s been a good while since I’ve played SWAT4, since I took the Drill Instructor position for a Raven Shield recruit. I have been focusing my own activities on RvS as well, after all — what good would I be as a DI if I wasn’t up to par myself?

It’s also quite nice to be able to play RvS at night again without lag. The only sad thing, I thin I miss my old “lag step”. I get an occasional spike of warpage in both game snow but that is probably because the aerial on my [new] wifi card is bent… As opposed to before, when I used to play RvS and lag-step to an extent that taking two steps forward felt like warping half of one backwards too. Now once the first-round lag is over, I wouldn’t even realize the server is in another country lol. Hooah for cable.

Tonight I was also on Element Leader duty in SWAT4 for the first time in a long time. I generally have a standing policy of “If no one else will, I will” when it comes to EL. I try to avoid it though, in favor of letting young Cpl/LCpls take command of the mission. That’s how my generation learned, practice !!! With how long it has been, I was actually presently surprised that I didn’t fumble any keys. Probably because I was concentrating more intently on a safe mission plan for my element, instead of what key to push. Planning about three quarters of it before hand also helped >_>. I still prefer taking EL of elements that are mostly compromised of [SAS] though, rather then a superposition of pubs and members. For one thing, it is much faster to plan things without having to go over details covered in our training regime.

I think I did fairly well for a rust bucket, I don’t consider a headache the size of Russia and much time spent coding instead to be a decent excuse for shotty work though. Not with how many hours of server time I’ve got lol. As long as I can keep my eyes on what I’m doing, I can generally handle room clearing in my sleep. But one thing that really threw me off though was our rear guard, a pub. Who had a great knack for taking up good spots for covering the rear. But almost no talent for actually securing the rear, often I’d end up crossing his/her Line of Fire (LoF) and that’s not good, but I suppose it was faster then having to teach the pub how to do a better job…


Tomorrow is my last day off and I’ve still got so much shit to get done :