Rockin’ and Rollin’

Spent most of my day working on a couple of flow charts for tomorrows project meeting. I really wish I had the time to setup a proper presentation but the most important stuff is ready. If all the concerned parties are on time, we should even get done fairly quickly I think. I’ve had concept work and test cases stuffed in my brain for the past 2 or 3 days but no real time to sit down and work it out. I think, if I see another flow chart, I am gonna kick something. I’ve found Dia quite nice for doing simple diagrams and charts, it’s enough like GIMP that the learning curve is almost null. It could do with a little more refinement in spots but hey, if it lets me get stuff done in a fraction of the time… I can put up with the stuff I don’t like (mainly to do with text operations).

I’m working on it in my spare time, after work, after [SAS] operations, and along side my own projects, so effective use of my time is a plus hehe.

Some good news in [SAS] finally hit, I’ve been waiting for awhile now… But it was well worth it, seems several great NCOs are leading the charge in the indicated direction. I’ve left the details to others, since the emphasis was on getting it “done” rather then doing it well, and I’m just the schmuck who will probably have to deal with any later maintenance lol. But at least it’s done….

Managed to get a little bit of RvS time in, I think my recent expedition into the SWAT4 server has thrown my movements off. In RvS, things tend to act very fast and chunky but in SWAT4 they tend to feel much smoother, if slow by comparison. I was rather surprised to have around accuracy rankings in the 60s of hit percentages. While I rarely miss in SWAT4, RvS requires more, should I say. “Shoot the fucker, shoot him again, and shoot’em some more” in order to combat latency and super tangos. RvS is nice in that 2 rounds will drop almost any enemy, if you can get the blasted hits to register cleanly over the network.

In the course of my days web surfing I found an interesting language, called erlang. It looks like it would be worth poking around, I just wish I had the time :-(. But I’m just to busy with other stuff and can’t offerd to “cram one more” language between my ears… Rubber banding between C, C++, PHP, Perl, and Bourne for a couple days is, uhh.. a bit odd :

I really do like to learn different languages, the only problem is time spent inhaling documentation and memorizing syntax / interfaces. Much of my thinking i fairly language independent, so I really don’t have trouble picking up other languages. Python for example took a couple of hours at the most and ~2 days of “play testing” it on light problems before I was comfortable using it on a more serious project. Although I do admit, when it comes to expressing ideas I do really draw upon what I know.

For expedience of expression and to actually be able to read it at a glance. I’ll often mangle English and common constructs together, forming a document local style of writing whatever pops up often. Basically writing it in a way that just lets me say what I need to remind myself of later, and read it quickly when I do have to look stuff up. I can usually read things at a fairly quick rate, my eyes scan it and break things down, parsing it into the elements I comprehend and working on the rest as I go along. So the strange code-lish style writing usually speeds things up, since my eyes can parse the flow of it more readily then a few extra paragraphs of contemporaneity English, which means I can also “home in” on the parts of interest and quickly discern what I need to read and what I can ignore when grepping my text.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m just mad as a hatter lol.