Finally a good swat game

After a stream of very crappy games, fillding with more then a few players that could pass themselves off as tactically incompetent… We finally had one really solid round on PG#3. I took EL on the half way house map, in a formation of Chris, [SAS]_Big12, [SAS]_Spidey01, and Snorr. We moved us swiftly into the buildings front entry point, Snorr watching the side door, Chris and Big forking off to secure the halves. A little application of cover later, we’ve secured the area. Left Snorr behind to cover the twin double doors into the chapel, while the rest of us headed for the pool room. A quick bang & clear, wedge the doors and secure the contacts while having guns on every point of threat! –> The proper way. We moved back, setup Red Fire Team and Blue Fire Team each on one double door with bangs, blow and go –> chapel secured, door to hallway wedged, all angels covered… We headed upstairs and settled in for entry to the big room up top.

Normally I would plan such a thing out before hand, but with the noob patrol on the other team I didn’t bother. We did a smooth assault synced to my GO GO GO command: Bang going in, Chris entering and blitzing RIGHT and clearing to the bathroom, Big storming forward and then moving RIGHT to cover the exit door. Me blasting through and heading RIGHT, joining Chris at the bathroom door with a flash bang ready, and Snorr heading forward, striaght to the wall and securing a point to cover contacts in the room. Chris and I kicked into the bathroom with a flashbang as Snorr and Big setup cover. On my “CLEAR” we started zip-cuffing contacts, under protective cover all the way, then set it up for an entry on the next room.

“ROOM CLEAR, that’s the way it’s done baby”

Kicked into the next room with a flashbang, forking the element off again on the fly, Big taking the far door, Me taking point for the next room, Chris flipping in a bang as I popped the door, while Snorr covering Bigs back, we secured the next room, while trying to minize risk of getting flanked. Secure contacts, mopped up, moved out to the hallway… And BINGO, a plan hits me.

I ordered Chris and Big to move down the stairs to the corner and stand by for an entry on the cafeteria. While Me and Snorr circled around back to the other side to the rear of the kitchen. A quick “GO GO GO” and both teams rolled in their flash bangs, quickly storming through to each teams sector for a mop up.

And then a friendly game afterwards >_>

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Operators playing cards around the table

Da noobs go in, them noobs hit the hard deck, pros go in, dead noobs disconnect while the pros go on the complete the mission, smooth as a babies behind hehe.