One eye open, then two eyes online.

Was to darn tired to get coding, so I went to bed and figured I’d get up later around 0100-0200 and start after a short nap. Fell straight a sleep to dream land. Woke up a quarter after six. I’ve been on “power up” cycle since then. Haha, just moved from my desk to sitting in bed with the laptop, now Willow is pissed at me. But I think my lower back muscles will be more pissed at me later. Anyway, laid back down and tried to get my brain back online.

Ironically I eventually fell asleep and got up several more times, >_> all short cat-naps but that’s normal; all the way to dreaming about reaching my LJ and starting the day off. It’s generally nice that most of my dreams were fairly normal, as far as normal goes for me lol. I finally got up and out of bed a little after 0800.

No one has any idea how badly I would’ve liked to see the sunrise but alas, impossible to break stealth for it.

Dang it, Willow just took off barking… Probably some poor schlep on their way to work. *mutters* Thanks a lot Willow, wake up the whole house when I try to get up early and code before they do. I guess this is what I get for not letting her have the entire bed ^_^.

Dogs !!!

With any luck the factual and honest answer that I’ve went to bed, woke up around 0615, 0730, and 0800, then hit the code will be believed — this time I have not coded the whole night through lol…. Thank GOD it’s been awhile since my last ~2300-0700 run, they are killers on actually getting any sleep!