Days log

I think I ended up walking around the grocery store more then coding… As soon as I was found wide awake. That generally proved to be a wash out, at lest I got some of the menial work done on the current module. Why on earth I’m working through things in the same order as the flow chart, I dunno… Maybe because it saves the easy work for the end lol.

Managed to *eventually* make it into Training Grounds #1 to work with Jonsi. Pardoning 3 r 4 people and a website to deal with, training chatter with the NCOs, making like an omni-present on 3 forums, and the like. Once we finally got ready op for the training, we got delayed by more people joining, and NCOs out to do some synchronization, to the point that Jonsi was only there for about 10 minute lol. Several hours later of drillin’ with NCO/Rct/CO I’m like, “I stopped N hours ago but no one noticed” haha. We did have some good training though.

I also managed to feed my interest in computers, inhaling some information about the old ENIAC or Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, the German Z3, and the British code breaking Colossus computers. As well as wishing that I could visit the Deutsches Museum, because a replica of the Z3 is supposed to be there in M√ľnchen :-).

What can I say, I love computers lol.