Frustration factor := (3.14159265 ^ 2)*(1024^64)

Since it seems to be to much to ask, too be able to work on things in peace in this hell hole. I’ve closed my terminal for the time being.

What the hell do I have to do, in order to get work done? Buy a rat fucking shotgun and take hostages?! No wait, that wouldn’t work, my family doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else. I sat through a five and a half hour project meeting… and despite the insane length of the meeting. I should have had the first milestone completed the day after the meeting, instead fast forward almost two weeks…. The first phase of the damn thing isn’t even complete yet.

If I actually had decent conditions to work in, things would be COMPLETE by now. But no, my family can’t leave be alone to work in peace.

I think if I as about five years old again, I would wait for my family to be doing something…. Go take out a large pot from the kitchenand a pair of equally large wooden spoons. Then take a belt and make a sling for the pot (for ease of marching). And then walk back and forth across the room, banging the spoons on the pot while shouting

“Now whose working, now whose working”.

As absolutely childish as doing that would be, I think that is about the only thing my family would understand…. Without having to take very drastic measures to get the point across… (e.g. using pepper spray, a TASER, or even deadly force e.t.c.),

I fear, one day I’ll look back upon my memories of this place and cry, “Just another picture to burn”.