Finally…. I managed to get shaved, not like there is much else I can get done. One nice thing, there are two or three things I can do under almost any condition, as long as I can keep my eyes on what I’m doing that is. With luck, maybe my family will settle down for awhile, so I can actually get something DONE.

I almost never shave, because I just don’t have the damn time. In this case, it’s been so long since I last found the time to shave. That I was starting to resemble King Leonidas in 300, only much shorter and less muscle bound lol. Willow was staring at me as if to say, “wtf happened to you?”. Heck, I barely recognize myself now… It’s been that long lol. I don’t usually look like a short-haired ookie out of desire, but out of necessity. There is only so much shit that you can cram into a small stretch of time and still be ready to rumble in the morning.

Especially in this place !!!!

Nearly an hour later with razor, scissors, and electric razor, it’s finally done. People always try to pawn off electric razors on me but I’d rather use something that works after the first week. With how long it is before the problem of ‘need to’ and ‘have time to’ coincide, an old time straight razor would actually be most convenient

Hit the DVD Collection for something to watch, I’ll probably end up watching them each 3 times before Monday…. Because I’d actually like to see the ‘entire’ movie when I start watching one. To be honest, the reason I largely gave up on watching TV. Is because whenever something decent was on, I never got to watch the frigging thing!!! —> Gotta love family, especially family that thinks you’re a servant.