resistance is futile


It’s no rat fuckin’ use in this place. This morning, I as trying to get ready a few tests to see how GCJ3/4 compared to the compiler J2SE 5.0 in compatilbiity…. Only to facing a living hell from my family. Tonight I tried to sit down and tried to read Programming with gtkmm… Alas, the same problem !!!

Maybe I should just give up learning, programming, computers, [SAS], work, and living life in general: and sit in a corner somewhere, and hope the mother fuckers starve to death before I do… No wait, I’d go first, I get stuck doing to many odds and ends to do otherwise lol. –> I have a strange sense of humour don’t I?


The expression I’m feeling, is not one I’m familiar with in English. When translated from Italian to English, it roughly means “Damn the misery” for most intents and purposes; or as some parts of my family would prefer to say it: “mannaggia la miseria!” I however, have no idea how to appropriately express it in English by any other means lol.