A busy day

I was busy trying to catch up a bit with GTK+, I set out to begin making tests of the various language bindings, starting with C++ and Windows; since I know they all work fine under FreeBSD and GNU/Linux. The first thing I did, was download the GTK Development Environment, which proved to be a disaster.

In allowing the installer to “Register Environment Variables”, the installed nuked my systems %PATH%. So I’ve had to reset it, one bit at time. To ‘shield’ it from any future assaults, I’ve split it up into other system environment variables that get sucked in. That should at least eep me from having to backup the registry… Once if ever, I actually manage to get the XP machine up to snuff again, I’ll need to take a proper backup of the system.

Spent a lot of my time today in training with Jonsi and Caern. First doing training with Jonsi, then dealing with Caern after tending to family business.

I’m omni tasking to the point, that I don’t even get to finish LJ Posts loool