Writer’s Block: The Meaning of Love

What does love mean to you, and why? Have you always felt this way?

Submitted By rynanne

Live Journals Writer’s Block

Hmm, a question I’ve somewhat been pondering since I noticed the entry in the WB/QOTD-block. Mm, what does love mean to me?

I would rather watch the flesh melt off my bones then be without that person.

Perhaps a tad morbid, but particularly apt to the strength required to describe such a thing. In a way, maybe it is that simple as well, for me at least. Because that is generally how I feel. I’m not heroic, I’m not suicidal, but my heart can outweigh good sense — the people I care for have to make it through whether I do or not, because I wouldn’t be able to go on alone.

Any ways:

Love is forgiveness, if you really love someone, can’t you bring yourself to leave wrongs aside?

Love is endless, I believe if you truly do love someone; you never stop loving them. At least, if there is a way to stop, I’ve never found it lol.

Love is blind, each can see the blackest moments of the others life, yet love them just as much. I’m not proud of every moment of my life, nor those of everyone I love, but I still love them. If anyone can’t love me in tern, despite such things. Well, unfuck’em lol.

Love goes in both directions. Hmm, I have no idea but for a strange reason, the film Now, Voyager comes to mind. In my opinion, things have to work both ways… Haha, the Dining Philosophers problem comes to mind, I really think I need to get out more >_>.

Love isn’t a bed of roses. If you expect to ever get along perfectly with someone in this life, you’re positively nuts or dreaming IMHO. Love doesn’t just dwell in special moments, but throughout the relationship. From spending time together, to picking up something on the way home, to the most intimate moments, why have any of it unless you loved them? To quote myself, “If I didn’t love you, I’d tell you to go fuck off instead”

Love takes many forms, we each love different people in different ways. For example, it would be a bit abnormal to feel the same way about ones best friend as ones spouse, unless they are the same person lol.

When it comes to a more personal point, as in “as I do”. Generally, if I love someone, I’ll do just about anything within the terms of the law. In some cases, willing to stretch that a bit… Although that’s never been necessary (thankfully). Also I’m usually more willing to ‘bend’ my schedule when needed, at least when it’s not consistently a one-way affair. Although I almost never ask such things of others (hell, I don’t even ask people to fetch me a drink 99% of times lol), I just don’t like being ‘monopolized’ and won’t do it to others. Or as I have told my family on a number of occasions. Only GOD has a right to control my life without my permission, and you’re not GOD and you certainly don’t have my permission !!!

Mm, one thing that comes to my mind is my parents. As fate would have it, after they got engaged, there was about 20 years difference and 3 marriages between them before they finally got married. Before my father died, they were only together for a few years, but during that time they were very much together. One thing I somewhat regret, is that I never really got to see how they both interacted with one another. Although, odds are if I did, I would’ve spent the first decade of my life rolling my eyes every day >_>. I very much like spending time with people that I care about when I can. Odds are, if I didn’t, I could actually get more done. But that would be a bit selfish. In general, I do generally consider myself self-centered at times. But I do care very deeply about others, I’m just not an extrovert lol. Hanging out with friends and doing something == usually fun, finding a party just for it’s own sake != fun (by comparison).

On the more, hmm I guess the romantic side of the coin. To me sharing life is a very important thing in that regard.

My train of thought arguably wonders as far south as any other mans but that’s not what I truly desire in life. There is a very big difference between sex and making love, and in this day and age the former is easy to come by compared to the latter. I sometimes warn friends when they get to, uhh ‘zealous’, too think closer at what they desire. A ‘good time’ or something lasting — my definition of a lover goes beyond sex.

I suppose, to put it to words beyond the obvious points ^^, if I ever got married there would have to be a lot more in the relationship then just the physical aspects. I have a very active mind, and life has made me, shall we say, devoid of an intellectual counter part for much of my life. Or as I like to think of it, if bra size exceeds brain size times heart capacity; I’m not prone to being involved for long, I already have to deal with enough stupid people.

My mind comes with me, just the same as my heart and everything else does, and what future would there be unless one could share both?

Although I would say one of my favorite songs among what I would classify as ‘love songs’, paints a rather optimistic view of things (imho). I really do think of things a bit differently. I guess you could say, it’s the difference between a song you’d love to dance to with the woman of your dreams, and what you expect out of the rest of life together ^_^. All in all, I expect I’ll probably be single for my entire life; unless GOD has something else in store…. But I guess that’s just life. Still, I think that my idea of a ‘perfect’ moment. Would be to have the love of my life and our children in my arms… That would just be sublime, but I’m to rational a person to count on it happening in my life time.