Writer’s Block: Your Online Hot Spots

Where do you spend most of your time on the web?

Live Journals Writer’s Block

I maintain what some might consider a near omni-presence around [SAS], the PC-BSD support forum, and when time permits visit DaemonForums, but over there I very much prefer to read rather then comment.

I have almost non-stop music running on my PC, sometimes I use my local collection. But many of the times I stream radio. 94.9 The Bull is one that I’ve listened to a lot, but lately I’ve spent most of my time on pandora.com thanks to hearing about it. I’ve set up a station that gives me a nice mixture of the kind of music I like, typically country and rock. Some times I listen to BBC Radio 1, I like some of the stuff they put on but not all of it.

Wikipedia makes up a large amount of my daily web intake. Most often articles related to technology or computer science. I’m really horrible when it comes to Wikipedia, I remember once during research for a history exam. I was looking up something from the 19ths century, I forget what — but the text book wasn’t good enough. By the end of it, I wound up reading about the country of Vietnam lol. The hyperlinks and search ability removes what I hate about book-based encyclopedias, it’s easy to find interesting stuff without jumping between many volumes!

When I’m interested in News, I usually check my RSS feeds. Along side my online-stored bookmarks, Flock lists RSS headlines in the my world page. I skim BBC’s international edition, because I find it superior to CNNs various offerings. And also to Slash dot, because I can usually find interesting sci-technical tibbits there that I other wise wouldn’t hear about.

xkcd.com often makes a pass through my web surfing habits, thanks to friends sending me links over AIM lol.

I often use various resources depending on what I’m dong and Google is my search engine, because the results are just better. And unlike other crap (Yahoo, Live search) there is less of a “Is your search engine really this bad, or did most of these results paid to be here?” feeling. Google just works!!! For resources, it ranges from programmer documentation, English-German and English dictionaries, and various software related sites (FBSD ports, sourceforge, etc).

When time permits and I have something to say, I’ll usually try to update my LiveJournal. What good is a LJ unless you actually use it? I’d like to update every day or two, but my life’s not that interesting. In fact, if I did update it that often, it would be rather depressing lol. The one big problem I have on spending time on the web, is keeping up with my E-Mail lol. I’ve got over 130mb of largely unread mail piled up, and that is just in my primary box.

Aside from that stuff, I’m usually logged into 5-7 instant messenger accounts and occasionally either a VoIP or IRC based system to boot. Hmm, considering how little HTML I typically use in posts, I wonder if I could cram any more hyperlinks into this post loool.