Japanese beaver or Blackwidow spider?

Well I’ve taken care of most of the stuff in need of doing, realising that I couldn’t take care of the paper work until I hear from Valroe, saved time lol.

Since I’ve been unable to find anything suitable, I’ll probably end up creating a new library of code for the website…. One that obey’s a policy of not shooting the next coder in the foot, like the bastard taking pot shots at me through years old code >_>. The sad thing? I thought about the ideal implementation for hours at work (my job leaves me with my brain free 90% of the time). Yet, between various business…. It is approx 15 hours later……. I’ve still not had the freedom to work on it!!!

Yet implementing it,a nd making code on the website would improve a heck of a lot. Especially debug times, and probably save me more time in the long run. Which reminds me, looking at the code I’m charged with maintaining/fixing:

Judging code by WTF/Min

But what do you do, if the WTF’s are rapid enough to be measured in seconds?