Plan of Attack — tongiht through the weekend+monday

In no specific order:

0/ Train Ez, Spawn, possibly Ghost/Medic as well — operation marshal

1/ Write new interface for the ‘custom’ library on sas <---- implemented, remaining code is 'features', need to test it and place under revision control, along with other changes to the lib. 2/ Build mock-ups for GCHQ of the new docs

3/ Implement the install code for ‘that project’ I’m doing with a few guys from

4/ Test pythonic bindings to libxml2 (I may need this __soon__) <---- lxml interface to libxml2 accepted 5/ Evaluate gtkmm and py-gtk (I don’t think I like the wxWidgets api after spending so much time with Qt3/Qt4) — run tests under Winsucks, because linking against gtkmm and friends will be the big pain.

6/ look up the api docs for interfacing C/C++ code with Python 🙂

7/ eventually get around to placing my .vimrc, .exrc, .Terry_shrc, and various .site_shrc files under CVS (or other scm) on Vectra. <---- vimrc and Terry_shrc imported, other files being less portable, some name convention needs to be worked out. 9/ try to complete social studies homework before [SAS] SOP Prototype Due Date.

10/ eventually catch up with posting more on my LJ then todo snippets

11/ download Wiz’s latest mix and let’er blast <--- it rocks 12/ Implement my admin scripts 13/ Update cougars settings

14/ Implement my ‘lister’ PHP script <--- done, just need to write the password locker. You know, life would really be sweet…. If I could get paid to use my brain, instead of saving it all for my off-work hours lol. No if I new any companies in this burg that hire and train self-educating-geeks :

1 thought on “Plan of Attack — tongiht through the weekend+monday”

  1. Originally posted on my Live Journal:

    subject: courage
    by: (Anonymous) at 2008-09-12 06:59 pm (UTC)
    comment: if the work ain't here, go to the work. Sometimes you have to make brave decisions.

    by: (Anonymous) at 2008-09-13 07:50 pm (UTC)
    comment: 15/ Have a break, get food and enjoy onself…

    by: sas_spidey01 at 2008-09-13 09:25 pm (UTC)
    comment: I do enjoy myself writing code Miles 🙂

    And my sister once clocked me at finishing dinner in <5 minutes lol

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