Writer’s Block: Lunch Break

Do you bring or buy your lunch during the work week? How much money do you spend on food consumed during working hours?

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Live Journals Writer’s Block

Used to bring lunch, but it was a waste of time lol.

Get up, get dressed, get ready, go to work, work straight through, come home and either eat lunch or wait for supper time, depending on the time of day.

I’m generally used to eating twice a day plus an occasional snack. My living habits have conditioned me against eating a breakfast, to the point that if I do, I won’t be hungry for lunch until hours later then normal. Some times when work is heavy, I skip eating until dinner, just to much bother: especially if work is early the next day, and eating dinner late wouldn’t be that much good. Then again, until recently I almost broke my inhale dinner, take nap routine :.

Lunch however, is generally my favorite meal of the day hehe.