Days recap

Quite a full day, if not very productive :

I was up to around 0500 last night, I dunno why but I never seem to get much sleep lately lol. The other day, I thought I was getting to bed early, and it was 0430’ish, well.. an hour early then the two days before I guess hahaha. Tried to sleep in today, since work didn’t start until the afternoon — not much luck. At least though, Tuesdays job is more time consuming then strenuous, tomorrows job on the other hand… Is more so a pain in the ass, then it is time consuming.

One thing odd, I heard Amanda kicked Adam out and that he’s staying with his parents again. Not a good sign in my opinion. Especially since, as memory serves, in 2007 I’ve seen and heard of a lot more people getting divorced or dying. 2008, I had somewhat hopped would put that incremental stream of numbers to an end lol.

One of these days, I really ant to take some time to write up a review of Google Chrome — I love that freaking thing!!! And whether the V8 JavaScript engine is really THAT fast or Google is taking advantage, gmail is so snappy on loading + the seperate process per tab thing, means no more browser-locks when launching gmail. Google Chrome is enough of an improvement over Firefox 2.x, that I might actually be able to re-take control of my inbox, if I ever get a linux binary package to use on my FreeBSD box… or better still, a native binary ;-). Perhaps it would be more fair to compare it to Firefox 3, but I use Flock 1.x most of the time, which is based on Firefox 2.x. And in all honesty, I hate Firefox 2 when compared to Firefox 1.0,x-1.5.x, it’s just lost that feeling I guess… I just don’t like the changes, and Firefox 3’s alpha builds didn’t look like an improvement. Although, I do have FF3 installed on SAL1600 just in case, but more so because it’s a newer version.

Google Chrome, I think is perhaps the best thing since Lynx and HTTPS but who knows >_>

As far as my efforts to standardize myself around 1/2 languages + what we use on [SAS], has fallen back into deadlock. Every way I slice the pie, Python seems to be the best choice for all of my needs, hell… The only time I’ve had an interpreted language come out as to slow for jobs I’ve tried to use them on, is an oddity. A script had to invoke perl so many times to process text, that it was faster to invoke sed/awk instead, which could actually be considered interpreted languages I guess lol. Some of the things I’ve heard about Python 3000 alarm me in that regard, but I’m not very concerned. The real problem is, I prefer C, but I don’t have *time* for C. When it comes to using C++ for tasks, I look at it as a two edge sword. More time savers then C but they all go out the window, in situations where they are not helpful.

That and working with gtkmm on Windows will probably be a pain in the royal hind quarters when it comes time to link against stuff. Although, I rather think a combination of Boost, Qt, and libs used in gnome is a good idea. The odd thing? C++ is not actually a language that I like a lot, but hey… beats Java I guess :

Java would actually be a perfect tool for my needs, except I don’t want to have to write in Java that much loooool.