Since there is nothing on TV, I am utterly bored, yet to tired to do much with code for the night… I’m working on an idea I’ve been thinking over on/off recently.

Awhile ago, I decided to read a few style guides for English. Not that I’m likely to ever follow one >_>. I’ve elected for at least one American and one British based. Because, A.) I am an American :-P, and B.) if you have a problem with color and colour in the same paragraph, blame it on to many people in [SAS] living outside of the USA hahaha.

I would very much like to improve the quality of my written English. But there is not really likely to be much change, as I still have to be an abusively quick typeset. I type with ten fingers available to me, and usually have to type about as fast as I can think the words in my head. The mos tcommmon problem sbeing thsi kind! But I can’t really help the fact, that I have got to type and get my thoughts written down, before I end up getting interrupted and forced AFK (Away From Keyboard); which usually leads to interrupt upon interrupt, until I wish my head context switches better then my PC.

Who knows, maybe I’ll someday prove my friends theory, that I’ve never heard of a semi colon, to be wrong ^_^. In fact, I have heard of it, but I spend most of my time writing it like this: