Time for bed, I’ll finish cleaning up after others later… And since I think I’ve figured out who did the nbsp look up and why, I might just have a few words with a certain someone or someones after work as the case may be…

Tomorrows job doesn’t bring any favorable thoughts to mind, especially when I need to get back to work on my on projects, but work pays the bills :. I hav a few things to do after work, including finishing tonights work lol. But it’ll hold a day or two if necessary. The reworking I’ve been doing tonight, is mostly because I need a test case for one of our new sub systems. And also, because the module of code the last sample came from, irks me in just about every way possible. And extremely wasteful operations and problem-side-steppings aside, it’s a pile of shit to start with. So refactoring it to use something more, ehh ‘sane’, can’t be to bad a thing….

Now if I could just convince the dog to give me a place to lay down >_>

Haha, a quick sneeze and Willow took off at light speed, looks like I get to stretch my feet haha!