Taking the day off…. Camped out in front of the with my laptop atm, watching the end of the The Illusionist.

I’ve downloaded all 3 ISO Images for PC-BSD 7Release. I intend to test it in VirtualBox and natively on my test machine. But, because my test machine is also my games box… I’m backing the sucker up first ;-). I’ve booted the test machine into it’s maintenance partition (FreeBSD 7, my failsafe if WinXP goes belly up hehe). ssh’d in and am backing up each drive letter to Vectra (the file server). I’ll setup VirtualBox later and see how it works out, I don’t really care much for such things though, but VB may be handier then QEMU. After that, I’ll try installing it native, and see if the release likes my DVD Burner better then the Alpha/Beta versions did, lol.

I figure, for good measure I can take care of updating my laptop while I’m at it, probably lay down for a bit…. Assuming there is anything on this afternoon lol. It would be nice to gt *some* rest, but knwoing my family, it’s far from likely :