Thinking about a new training plan

Since my primary task list is webwork, sop technicals, and swat. I think it’s about time I devise a proper training plan for myself, like I’ve used in SWAT 3 and Raven Shield.

“The Warrants Hazard Course” haha.

I’ve yet to decide on the details yet, SWAT 4 is a bit of a tougher game to harden up, since the only hard part is latency lol. Back in SWAT 3, I used to do STFC drills with an entry-length gun (e.g. MP5A2, HK53, AKS-74U, G36C) with one 30rnd mag of FMJ, my side arm (M1911/MK23/P226) with one mag. Plus 1bang, 1gas, 1charge, and set the hostile AI to the maximum. With RvS, I usually set map-specific goals, but often speed assaults, escape and evasion, or tact-aidless clearing at full throttle.

I might try to simulate my SWAT 3 kit, it would be easy enough to package 1 bang, 1 gas, 1 sting, 1 wedge. There is no way to control the mag-counts in SWAT 4 without modifying the games class files, but it would be insane to go with 30/8 (mp5/m1911a1) rounds… In SWAT 3, if you knew how to shoot and it was your own host, you could actually use ammo quite effectively. SWAT 4 usually takes 2-12 rounds of 9x19mm per kill (average 5~7), yesterday a tango survived 6 to the brain… lol.

Map wise, I think a good mixture is order. But the standard maps are so easy, I’ve got to find a good way to make it more challenging, or I could just find a couple of really challenging customs, hmm… think I will do both once the new [SAS] Mappack is ready op hehe.