1 down, 2 to go…

All in all, another miserable day, the best thing I can say, is I slept in until noon lol. Got dragged out on a grocery shopping expedition, and I hate shopping… This outing was also less then ideal :. Spent a fair bit of my time today working on Apache and site-software, it’s easier for me to test changes locally then work live. A least, while my servers /var can handle the dummy-databases lol. I was hoping to get everything setup before dinner, so I could either relax (if there is such a word left in my vocabulary) or work on something more interesting (e.g. playing in scheme lisp).

Any attempts at actually being productive, and getting things done when they *should* be done by, is not something my family is willing to cooperate with. I really need a vacation, a long vacation… But in the course of living, that I am being drowned in, a vacation == no work, which != survival.

Tomorrow will be a living hell at work, and the day after will consume most of the day. So I’m effectively handicapped until wednesday… before I can get to work on stuff again. At this rate, unless I quit working or my family either changes their ways, I’m never going to catch up with my home work…. And have to be on the receiving end of a tantrum, that __I__ should be shouting at them.

I really need a