Some how in my case, having very crazy dreams is usually a sign that everything is normal :

From being stuck in a game that feels like a cross between Halo on Legendary and Call of Duty. Oddly a PP-19 Bizon in 9x18mm Makarov and a Colt M1911 is an interesting mixture for fighting aliens in CQB, along side a Covenant Plamsa-rifle hehe.

To being owner, court jester, lead cook, and chief flirt of a restaurant. To winding up in some kind of crazy Army of Darkness and Jason and the Argonauts skeleton-battle inspired global war, a pump action shotty with unlimited ammo is useful >_>. Alll the way to being trapped in a town under assault from vampires, and having to organize people into a resistence…

My dreams are crazy as a mad hatter lol