Days roaming

Hmm, a most unusual day…

I was invited into the meeting in #pcbsd-team today on freenode. Some interesting discussion, but still a bit boring; well, what can I say? I’m still tight lipped about my own operations ^_^. At least though, the developers are trying to improve things, but there are somethings I keep to myself for the time being. And hope they take care of the more serious things. The whole time I was busy with a SSH session to my laptop, working on code haha! But I did pay good attention while I was present. Somewhat of an odd feeling really, because I’ve generally kept a good distance from PC-BSD.

As to other business of the day, I’ve been working on my little ‘nag’ app. The basic premise of the program, is to take notes, keep them, and when necessary, shout at me about them. In the past, I’ve tried applications with sticky notes, which usually take control of my second monitor or a spare virtual desktop. I’ve also tried PIM software, but I find I always end up spending more time in programming the useless thing around my schedule or arguing over portability issues :. The only problem I have with it, is the choice of either file-system, sqlite, or xml based storage for notes and metadata. The SQLite way would be the fastest for me to write code for; but somewhat a sidestep around my love for accessing data through textual interfaces.

Something like:


would be the most fun to have to work with as a user of my own program, which I’d be using daily lol. Actually, it kind of reminds me of the Process File System, but procfs’es usually live in memory only. Standardizing myself around Python for most stuff, has really helped me get work done… Now if only my old friend Perl wouldn’t keep starring at me when ever I see the need to process text……..

I’ve also gotten the priority ‘go code’ on one of my projects in [SAS], at least with this… It’s far enough displaced from the old-sludge I have to maintain, that I can actually define it’s behavior correctly, and do it in a sane way the first time around. And make sure that this project, will result in something that *will* stand some test of time, without pissing off the next coder!

Now if I could do something about camping out [SAS] Proving Grounds #3 and playing Battle For Wesnoth every chance I get >_>. But hey, I’ve was stuck in front of a code editor for almost a 4 days straight!!!! Then I had to go back to work 🙁 🙁 :-(, so a lit’ game time ain’t that bad a change of pace hehe.

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    by: (Anonymous) at 2008-10-04 03:54 pm (UTC)
    comment: I've always thought that PC-BSD made the wrong choice in how to do packaging, by not using the real FreeBSD packages they end up wasting too much time and energy, and disk space.

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