Had a nice nap, but a strange dream.

The earliest thing I can remember, was a gathering of family. I remember we were getting into boats and were rowing out, my Grandfather was at the other end of my boat and said something about a everyone taking ‘swim’. I said I didn’t know how to swim, which is technically true. So plans were changed and the water was covered with this huge blue canvas and we all piled out of the boats and setup for the get together, or whatever we were doing there…

I laid back on the canvas and thought to myself. About how the last time I felt like this without having to worry about the swaying waves washing over me, was years and years ago to when I was about three years old; sloshing about in the huge pool in the back yard with a snorkel, fins, and an inflatable tube. Hmm, it’s probably been at least twelve years since I was last in a pool, let along those days lol.

Then it began to rain, so we draped green canvas covers over our ‘camp ground’ and went about business. Someone asked me to look something up, so I fired up my laptop battery power.As the weather got worse, the group split: some went in search of better shelter, a few stayed; I was assigned to stay put. Sometime later, I got thumped on the head, pulling off the canvas to take a look; I saw that I had been hit in the head by a failing tree branch, and the corner of the area was riddled with such debree.

So I decided it would be better to get out of here, even if it meant getting a bit wet lol. In the ensuring action, which in the real world would’ve resulted in a laptop yielding electro-shock therapy… The last of the group moved into the building like structure at the center of the area, as the rain got even worse. I helped with setting up the stetting up the ticker storm-guard on the point of entry.

Next my attention turned to food prep and emacs. Then Aunt Ruth and some others were trying to get in, so I removed the storm-thing from the point of entry to let them in, and then was set in search of emacs, xemacs, and another funky coloured pen labeled ‘3.5.1’ or was it ‘3.5.8’, or ‘3.8.1’, or ‘3.8.5’ or something like that; it was supposed to be a fork of XEmacs :

Why on earth would a Vi-lover dream of emacsen!?

That’s when I woke up in a cold sweat, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.