SWAT time + looking at the games enemy weapons

I finally got to play some swat 🙂

Spent the day testing a new common-ops load:

  1. MP5 9x19mm Suppressed SMG, FMJ or JHP depending on primary OPFOR
  2. M1911A1 11.43x23mm Pistol, JHP or opposite of primary
  3. 3 M84 Stun grenade
  4. 1 Hornets Nest stingball grenade
  5. 1 Door wedge
  6. 3 C2 breaching charges
  7. Tactical Assault Vest (No Armour)
  8. The games ol’lucky helmet or AN/PVS-7 night vision goggles; depending on lighting conditions and method of engagement

I rather like using no armour in SWAT 4: TSS. When suspects deal 2 times the damage we can, walking around in heavy body armour really doesn’t help. Well, if the enemy has an M1911 (many maps give them Bereta M9s) or the sawed of shotgun with the “low” ammo type (50% chance of low ammo). Then heavy armour might save your virtual life, but other wise it’s just dead weight. A single AK47 FMJ fired from ~1050 unreal units away, will kill a player wearing heavy armour during a Multi-Player Co-Op game. And worth of note, all but a few weapons have a maximum range of 4000 unreal units, in TSS the exceptions are the Remington M700 Sniper Rifle (remote control only) at 3000uu, breaching shotgun, and the Taser/Cobra (Stringray) stun guns

Suspects always use JHP in these weapons according to the SwatEquipment.ini file fr SWAT 4: TSS:

  • M1911A1
  • MP5
  • MP5 SD
  • Desert Eagle
  • M4A1

and 10% of the time, suspects with FN P90 can get JHP rounds in TSS.

The rest of the time the enemy uses FMJ for clip based weapons (e.g. hg,smg,ar,lmg) and buckshot for round based weapons (e.g. shotguns). Some weapons use a “_LowAmmo” a certain % of the time (Python, M9, SawedOffSG, all come to mind). But generally the only differences between SWAT weapons and Suspect weapons is cosmetic (e.g. no tactical light) and numerical (they get less magazines for reload, not that I’ve ever seen them reload — they are smart enough to switch to secondaries in a firefight instead).

All things considered, plus the games ridicules concept of ballistics…. I’d rather have the speed of no armour, then the protection of light armour. Simply put, I don’t plan on getting shot often lol. The light armour vest will protect in some situations and in those, heavy armour does better. But most of the time, you get hit, you get dead, so why bother? The ability to cuff, reload, and switch between weapons at a more realistic pace is also worth the trade off in protection hehe.

Weapon popularity in the regular SWAT 4 maps, as noted by ‘cmd> grep identifer ContentSystemEneemyArchetypes.ini | wc -l’. Note that many suspects (especially terro-type) have access to plenty of weapons and a chance=precentage of how likely they are to use a given weapon type; to control just how often they will use an item in the available weapons list. This is just a summery of how many times a given weapon was specified as available.


M9 found: 43
USP found: 21
PythonRevolverHG found: 14
ScorpionHG found: 12
IngramHG found: 10 (This is basically a MAC-10)
1911 found: 5
Glock found: 0 (Model 17)

Sub Machine Guns:

UMP45 found: 15
MP5SMG found: 13
UZISMG found: 11 (Suppressed)
HK53 found: 9
SilencedMP5SMG found: 0

Assault Rifles:
G36kMG found: 10
M4MG found: 8
AK74suMG found: 8 (Proper name: AKS-74U, U = Ukorochenniy)
AK74MG found: 6

Pump1SG found: 12
SawedOffSg found: 11
M1Super90SG found: 8
M4Super90SG found: 0
Pump2RifleGripSg found: 2

I’ve yet to check the TSS maps for the enemy weapons though.

The USP40, HK53, AK47, and Colt Python being some of the most deadly of enemy weapons. The Uzi (accurate headshots), Ingram (very heavy bullets), and Scorpion sub-machineguns are also quite hazardous. By comparison, the only weapon available to players in MP Co-Op that really works well, is the AK47 :. The FN P90 added in TSS helps out, if you are willing to pump in a lot more rounds, heck… I remember on one live op map. I took the P90 because I knew there would be little time to reload, if we had to go dynamic. I ended up using like 32-38 rounds per kill at near maximum range (if not occasionally beyond!) to drop tangos, which is tricky because the weapon is very inaccuate at long range in TSS lol.