By some odd twist of luck, I didn’t have to work today lol. I guess GOD knew hw much I was dreading it…. But I still ork the way I was raised. When I was growing up, it was a long time before *anyone* was workin’ but I was raised that, work don’t stop until you’re dead; it doesn’t matter if your head is falling off or you feel like death warmed over — you geet off your ass and go into work. That’s the way I was raised, that’s what I expect to have to do, even if I’d rather not lol.

One nice thing, I’ve received a new order, one that opens up quite a lot of possibilities on how I complete it. The jist of it, I had to “fix” the website from using something totally ‘insane’ to something that both works and works as it say it works… A side effect of that, being the sort order of the ranks changed slightly; most notably screwing up the special assignments wing, cadets, and veterans. So what if I’m listed at the tail end of the mighty page? I’ve got a lot more important tasks then what I consider a vanity fix for myself; when I could be doing other things that need doing. Well, my new order basically amount to fixing that, and taking the ol’sledge hammer to thing where necessary.

The code involved I think, is copyrighted from 2002, and I know it’s been hacked by at least 3 different admin team members since 2005. The code is to dependent upon a set of assumptions about the format of the data it manipulates. So there is no simple or quick fix to it, without digging into it. One good side effect, fixing it *properly* also means fixing a few other things in need of fixing, that I ain’t had time for fixing yet lol.

Hmm, maybe Operation Excalibur will happen one of these days just yet… but on a much grander scope then I had originally imagined.