Birdy fortress

If the bird gets out of there, I’m calling Guinness!

If Coco gets in there, I’m reclassifying her as a mole, not a dog!

Mikes old set up was like this:

|-------Solid wall--------------------------
S |--------------------------|
o | |-----||
l ||------| |------| | | | ||
i || cage |--- | | | | ||
d || playpen| | | | || << cloths rack
w || |--- | | | | ||
a ||------| |------| | | | ||
l | |-----||
l |--------------------------|
|Table | Netting
| |

After we got the dogs, we cut up the box from my computer chair & wrapped it around the south-eastern border; to keep the dogs from eating bird seed off the rug. Well, that never worked to well… When it gets to thundering, Coco gets to looking for a place to hide. And her favorite is to push the box aside and sit under Mikes cage lol.

Now, there is wadding and barricade sealing the holes Coco made in the bottom of the netting, more boxing preventing Coco from pushing the box aside; plus reenforcement on the outside, creating a tripple-layered protection wrapping part way around the cage, and the opposite (north-eastern) corner has been sealed with wadding, barricade, and reenforcement tucked inbetween the (jam-packed) bookshelf built into the wall. And to top that off, the netting is secured in a way, that if Mike did penetrate the netting, he won’t be able to flutter-up and away from the boxes, and into waiting jaws. It’s like a birdy fortress protected by many overlapping redoubts ! hehe