Son of a bitch !!!

I just finished a little personal training time… MP Peaks, I snuck past the terrorists, killing only about 3 of them on the whole map. All the while while having XFire doing video capture, so I can analyze it later, moved on to later trainings and guess what?

No recorded files for any of the rounds played, combined with Xfire In Game (XIG) chat not working anymore in RvS, becoming more buggy in SWAT 4: TSS, and Xfire is getting to be next to useless these days.

[switching to mental log]

My first session was perfect…. I spawned, checked my weapon, made a quick scan of the safe house at insert. Then moved up the hill line, checking the hill line cautiously for snipers… matching my profile against the terrain to avoid sky lining my body -> tangos can see through trees, and shoot through them without having to worry about bullet proof snow >_>. Dropped on my belly prone and crawled up, noting the positions of 4-5 sentries on the opposite side of the bridge, crawled around using the parked car for cover. Checked out the other snow bank, it was a clear trip through that sector; except for a lone tango crouched in the snow, watching my approach vector. Positioned myself to recce the site lines of more distant threats… only one that might notice. Plugged the tango with a controlled pair to the neck, since I would’ve had to stand up (and risk being scene by him) in order to go for a centre mass or head shot, or choose to shoot his legs out… Not good in RvS, usually results in runners who are only limped once they stop moving lol.

Crawled forward and dropped into the ditch, when I noticed another sentry moving to investigate… I let him get close to the body, and plugged him, a quick look & see for any other threats, clear. So I moved up, keeping prone to avoid exposing myself along my 12 o’clock, and noting sentry positions along the way. All was going smooth, until I came to the crest of a small hill, and noticed a group of four sentries. One staring out towards the bridge, and three by a tree near a hill. No one looking at me, but one decided to walk a patrol, so I had to take cover pronto.

I watched the enemies patrol carefully to anticipate his movements, but kept out of sight. Once he settled into position, I switched back to advancing, noting the positions of sentries by the cottage next to my escape point. Luckyly there was just one in a position to see me; plus 1 or 2 on the hill where the patrol man was. So I slide down into a narrow part to avoid being seen, if that creep started patrolling my way! One final obstacle, a lone tango guarding the escape point – a quick double tap centre mass and head, tango down

Stood up to a crouch and moved closer to the cottage for cover, then quickly to the escape point (green smoke). Victory!! Game over, when finally a tango comes around the far corner of the cottage and see’s me standing there, so I abused the bug in the game, scoped on in full auto and emptied my mag into him lol. The game has a bug, that when the round is ending, you can scope on and hold fire at the same time, and discharge your weapon without doing any damage (tangos can fire free, since they rarely use scopes lol).

It was a perfect exercise to limber up my stealth skills, but unfortunately no video to analyze my game play, and try to find ways to improve :. When we heard about viacom acquiring xfire, me and a few friends started joking about how long it would take for XFire to go down hill, but it has been faster then we expected haha.

The moral of the story?

XFire is a piece of shit