Well, I’ve generally set a course… In the short term, I have a few goals of immediate concern:

  1. Get my school work done (how boring…)
  2. Improve my understanding of (useful) mathematics
  3. balance getting work done

I need to begin making more progress with my schooling, what I’ve got on the plate right now is in no way challenging… beyond time constraints; every moment spent on homework is less on every other pile of shit in my todo-box. I also want to try and teach myself more about mathematics, both to prepare for harder stuff, and because I’m generally interested. Although, I think writing a device driver would be easier then reading some of the notation without something like this.

One thing I do bloody well know, I’m using bc(1) for the leg work. Although I never used a calculator in doing homework before, I also ain’t used a pencil to solve a math problem in ages when walking around ^_^. I type with 10 fingers both out of need and love for efficiency; time is precious!

For getting stuff done, that’s generally the one thing that does hit my schedule. That’s one of the reasons my homework always piles up… I figure though, if I can properly split my time, and not have to compromise the other parts.. I might actually get something done eventually!

Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, I assure you that mine are

— Albert Einstein

Now that quote really makes me feel better…. lol.