The problem with typing to quickly

Check if the program ‘named’ is running and listening. I don’t know off the top of my head if /etc/rc.d/named supports the status command or not (rc), but finding out if it is running the hardway is still easy.

I’m not familiar with any of the dns/ apps in ports, so I can’t say what name they would run under; but I’m sure someone here would point it out.

$ ps xa | grep named
... is named running?
$ cat /var/run/named/pid
... does the pid file exist?
$ netstat -n -p tcp | grep 53 -- s/tcp/udp/
... is anything listening on the usual port?

-> Assuming that the standard issue name server was used, you may want to check named.conf first, in case the settings were changed. On FreeBSD I believe this is etc/namedb/named.conf.

I really should check my posts for typo’s more completely, before I make an ass of myself so easily…. at least J65nko spotted it. Most times I try and check what I write, but after work, it’s not exactly a high priority – compared with finishing the sentence before I get AFK’d for the umpteenth time lol.