It’s been a very tiring week…

It’s been a very tiring week…

Decided to install F.E.A.R. and have some R&R. It’s not particularly my kind of game, but he AI used by the opposing forces is awesome. Heck, ambushed a few replica soldiers, moved my way through the area along the flank – only to be ambushed from behind, by one that hid and waited for an oppotunity. Of course, a quick drop to slow-mo, a 180′ and leaping into the air for pair of double taps from my dual .40cal pistols, and finishing it with a pistol’whip put the thread down quickly. FEAR is about the only game I’ve played when one has a chance to do both CQC and handle multiple-shooters the right way, b/c there are usually several coming out of the word works lol. Was trying to flank and ambush a squad and got detected, I pushed on – impact grenade to mash their right, fell back on the centre and bounced between the flanks to keep them busy.

The last replica solider climbed through a gap in my cover for a little face to face, so I kicked the putz back through it 😉

About all that is missing is access to a knife in the meelee action, like a yung Big Boss once said – sometimes in a fight, a knifes more useful then a gun. Ahh, anyay good for stress relief. Now it’s time to get my docs & notes prepped for an up comming project meeting. If I’m _really lucky_ I might even have some test code ready op, but with my family… *sigh*

Which reminds me, my brothers do over tomorrow to waste my time, lol

Hmm, it’s times like these that I really wish I had picked up more troff.. but LaTeX does the job well enough for what I need. With luck, by meeting day I’ll have all my files done, and my laptop updated & ready to rock’it as well.